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4 Logistics Fun Facts for the 4th of July

Blog Post 4th July

Food, beer, and fireworks. The fourth of July is a time to celebrate with friends and family. But what if you didn’t have delicious BBQ, an ice cold beverage, or entertainment filling the nighttime sky overhead?

Can you imagine a July fourth with none of the special things you’re accustomed to having for the holiday?

That’s exactly what it would be like without our nation's truckers! 

We all count on carriers

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Independence Day foods like brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers, or you like to make your own unique menu, most of our food is transported to the store by freight carriers.

The same goes for all those eye-catching fireworks decorating the sky.

Literally most of the things we need daily are transported from place to place by carriers. It’s how you get the ice bags to fill your cooler, the checkered tablecloth for your picnic, and the ketchup and mustard for topping that burger.

It’s the time of year to think about how much logistics really means to our lifestyle.

What we consume for the Fourth of July

Take a look at some surprising numbers about all the items it takes to make the fourth successful:

  1. The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend 6.7 billion dollars on food items this year to celebrate Independence Day. In fact, good food is the most popular way to celebrate the fourth.
  2. What are you going to cook all that food on? How about a grill? About 70 percent of American adults own a grill, and the fourth is definitely the most popular day of the year to put it to use.
  3. On July fourth, Americans eat about 150 million hot dogs. And all of them are transported to local stores so you can have them ready for the holiday.
  4. Americans currently spend more than 1 billion dollars annually on fireworks. Most of them are imported from China and then have to be distributed across the country for everyone to celebrate.

We don’t always think about how we have access to so much every day. So let’s tip our hats to all the hard workers in the logistics industry. 

A shout out to all of the carriers in our 9Network that work extremely hard to keep our country moving, so that we can all have a great day!

Jul 3 | Posted by Opus9

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