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Ringing in 2021 – What Logistics has Learned from a Challenging Year

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Dec 31, 2020

  In their December issue, Inbound Logistics magazine discusses some results from a recent survey by Barkleys / BOD on the state of logistics confidence. What they found is that larger companies have generally found it more difficult than smaller ones to adapt quickly to changing market conditions we had in 2020. Customer service and resulting business relationships have moved to the forefront of operations.

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Happy Holidays from Opus9!

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Dec 23, 2020

The entire team at Opus9 wishes you and
your loved ones a very happy and heathy Holiday!

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How to Expedite Full Truckload Quote Processes

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Dec 9, 2020

Securing truck capacity at an acceptable rate is one of the biggest challenges facing shippers today. Tendering loads to a wide net of carriers and brokers is a time consuming and frustrating process involving multiple emails, phone calls and faxes to get the right carrier at the right time at the right rate.

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The Benefits of a Digital Freight Broker for Shippers & Carriers

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Nov 17, 2020

get_quotesIn the last year, we have seen increasing numbers of digital freight brokers, online marketplaces that connect shippers with truckers via cloud-based platforms. Traditionally, shippers and carriers operate within a fragmented network of about 15,000 freight brokers, responsible for connecting truckers with potential shipping loads. Most of these deals are coordinated by email, phone, and some, still by fax, taking hours or days to confirm. With digital freight brokers, shipper demands are more immediately matched with carrier capacity.

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Creating a Reliable Domestic Supply Chain for PPE

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Nov 13, 2020

Covid Supply Chain Blog  SupplyChainBrain recently published an interesting article on the state of the supply chain for getting PPE efficiently distributed. In a conversation with Chris Garcia, CEO of Health Supply US, Robert Bowman of SupplyChainBrain uncovers what shippers are doing to ensure a national supply of PPE. As we enter the third wave of COVID-19 infections, it is more important than ever to get #criticalsupplies to front line workers quickly and efficiently, in a collaborative effort between shippers and truckers.

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Freight Broker News: Record high rates and carrier shortages continue

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Nov 3, 2020

Blog Freight News 1

As a digital freight broker, Opus9 is staying up to date on the latest freight rates and forecasted trends, to provide the best service to our partner shippers and carriers. Starting today, we are adding a weekly update called Freight Broker News where we will provide the latest information on rates, trends, and industry news.

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Opus9 builds its digital freight brokerage platform with Bill Peterson, as President and CEO

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Oct 28, 2020

B Peterson 3eDriving the reorganization of the Opus9 digital freight brokerage platform, a part of CyberLogitec America, is Bill Peterson as President and CEO. Bill is tasked with reinvigorating Opus9’s innovation and growth. With proven experience in leading businesses to success, Bill confronts change management head on with a disciplined and structured methodology that creates beneficial change.

Since Bill took on Opus9 earlier this year, the team has been focused on improving the Opus9’s rate quoting algorithms through partnerships that ensure shippers get the most accurate, current rates for their specified lanes. In addition, under his guidance and
leadership, Opus9 sales and support has taken on a concierge-like approach that helps shippers get on time pick up and delivery of their shipments that have been booked on the Opus9 platform.

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2020 Opus9 Customer Survey Results

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Oct 26, 2020

Opus9 Customer Survey reveals shipper
COVID preparedness with digital systems 

5 star ratingThe Covid-19 crisis has knocked many companies off their feet. Shippers are altering business strategies mid-stream and coordinating truck movements with very volatile rates, adding to shipper challenges.

Opus9 recently conducted a survey of our most frequent users to get a better understanding of how they are faring during these difficult times. 

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Opus9 Improves Real-time Rate Quoting Algorithms with SONAR

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Oct 21, 2020

Opus9 has integrated with FreightWaves SONAR to improve Opus9’s Rating Algorithm that provides accurate, real-time truck load rates for shippers

freight rates-1Opus9, a leading digital freight broker that enables shippers to efficiently centralize and manage carrier quotes, make bookings and track freight movements, today announces that it has integrated its freight booking platform with FreightWaves SONAR. Using SONAR data will expedite and improve the accuracy of the freight rate quotes that Opus9 delivers to shippers.

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How US Shippers are Rethinking Freight Transport Procurement

Posted by Michelle Gaubert on Oct 19, 2020

On October 9th, William Cassidy, Senior Editor at the Journal of Commerce, published an article on Shippers rethinking annual trucking procurement cycles He points out that due to the current disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic, shippers are rethinking how they procure freight transportation. He continues by saying that "shippers are modifying their approach to bidding, using more short-term 'mini-bids' than ever before and turning to technology to improve a process that often breaks down when market prices swing quickly."  Shippers "are looking for ways to avoid costly contract rate hikes propelled by a historic surge in spot truckload rates that began in May and have barely slowed since. They won't do that by sticking to traditional practices strictly focused on price, shippers, analysts, and trucking.  Bidding processes will have be be more specific, more flexible, and more collaborative."

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