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1 Ultimate Guide to Truckload Shipping

1 ultimate guide to truckload shipping

The logistics of shipping can be difficult to plan and manage. Full Truckload shipping can be especially challenging. Unlike Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping, FTL shipping requires you to consider factors such as weight, space, transit times, and the possible need for specialized equipment.

At Opus9, we understand how confusing the shipping process can be. That’s why we crafted the Ultimate Guide. With this 20-page ebook, we take the complexity out of planning full truckload shipping by offering a comprehensive guideline.

Grab this handy guide ahead of your next shipment.

Inside the Guide

Learn the basics of FTL shipping and gain insights into managing your shipping needs efficiently:

  • Detailed instructions for preparing your shipment
  • Common truck types and what kinds of loads they are best suited
  • Simple checklist for truckload shipping
  • Tips for proper freight packing
  • Calculations for weighing and measuring your shipments

And much more!

Whether you are a first time shipper or need a refresher, the Ultimate Guide to Truckload Shipping will serve as a great resource!

Download the ultimate guide to Truckload shipping >


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