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2020 Opus9 Customer Survey Results

Opus9 Customer Survey reveals shipper
COVID preparedness with digital systems 

5 star ratingThe Covid-19 crisis has knocked many companies off their feet. Shippers are altering business strategies mid-stream and coordinating truck movements with very volatile rates, adding to shipper challenges.

Opus9 recently conducted a survey of our most frequent users to get a better understanding of how they are faring during these difficult times. 

What are shippers biggest logistical challenges? What are they most focused on operationally? How is Opus9 helping them to get their freight moved?

Here at Opus9, our main goal is to get shippers the right truck at the right price and time. Our survey has given us some interesting insights into the value that Opus9 brings to the industry and the challenges they are facing with the current Covid pandemic.

First, to understand the size of the respondents’ operations, we asked them how many shipments they are handling per month. 55% handle up to 50 shipments per month and 27% said they handle between 50 and 500 shipments per month. In 2020, it is interesting to note that 55% have seen an increase in their volumes while 45% have seen a decrease.

We are all seeing how the Covid pandemic has changed consumers buying habits. Dramatic increases in online purchases is increasing shipping volumes, increasing the pressure on the carriers to meet demand, and forcing shippers to be more flexible with their logistics processes. When we asked our users how prepared they were to manage operational changes:
82% felt prepared if not highly prepared (36%) with their digital systems and infrastructure,

  • 90% felt prepared with employee safety measures,
  • 82% were prepared (55% highly prepared) to efficiently manage crisis communications,
  • 82% felt prepared to source alternative logistics methods or partners, and have the flexibility to expedite necessary operational changes.

When we asked Opus9 customers how easy our features were to use, the feedback spoke for itself.

  • 90% percent of users rated obtaining freight rate quotes and booking shipments as easy to use, with 30% venturing to say they were extremely easy to use.|

  • 60% - 70% of our users rated tracking shipments and managing shipments with Opus9 My Lanes as extremely simple.

  • 80% said that managing documentation is easier with Opus9

Customers are saying that Opus9’s most valuable features are:

  1.  Getting quotes (45%)
  2.  Booking a truck (18%)
  3.  Tracking shipments (18%)
  4.  Managing payment methods (9%)

In addition to the instant quotes and booking functionality of the Opus9 platform, the tracking functionality is also an important piece. This helps ensure the quickest possible updates on shipments, which has been paramount in providing our customers with instant real-time updates on a map. This is all supported by an operations team that communicates with our customers in real-time to ensure on- time pick-ups and deliveries.

These features are helping Opus9 users to save time and money in freight transportation booking. One customer, a medium enterprise food company was able to save $20,000 dollars by booking their freight through Opus9. Another group of 6 organizations were able to save, on average, $5,250 when booking their freight with Opus9. When asked how much time they saved while utilizing the Opus9 booking system, 18% of our users responded with more than 5 hours.

When it comes to our customers, Opus9 will always have one goal in mind: to continuously offer shippers the ability to be flexible with their processes, give them the most accurate and current rate quotes for their lanes, and full transparency into shipment statues. Our digital foundations are backed by a services team that follows up on shipments from booking through to delivery with regular status updates.

Our customers have spoken. Opus9 is a valuable digital tool that gives them the functionality and support they need to navigate through the pandemic by allowing them to be flexible with processes, saving both time and money.

To learn more, get a quote, or to sign-up and try Opus9 for yourself, visit us at www.opus9.com. One of our service team members will then give you a call to help you with your shipment.

Oct 26 | Posted by Michelle Gaubert

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