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6 Tips for Selecting the Best Drayage Partner

6 considerations for moving DrayageDrayage is a transportation method that helps get freight from a sea or airport to a local warehouse and vice versa. It is commonly used in overseas shipping. Due to increasing competitive demands to cut costs and delivery items quickly, selecting the best drayage partner is a standard go-to for logistics professional shipping items by air or sea.

Best Practices for Selecting a Drayage Partner

Less experienced providers tend to cost you more over the long-run time horizon, which is why you should know what to look for before signing an agreement. The good news is that the Opus9 team has done the heavy lifting for you by providing six tips for selecting the best drayage partner below:

1. Safety emphasis: Safety is the name of the game in shipping and transportation. Be sure that the drayage partner you choose is rated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and possesses a clean driving history.

2. Covers assignments: Complicated shipments can derail fast, so to speak. Make sure that your provider won’t let critical elements fall to the wayside

3. An aligned vision: Your customers expect that you will provide consistent service and values. Find a drayage partner that shares a similar outlook or vision to yours.

4. Data availability: Having access to on-demand information is crucial for managing customer expectations and internal decision-making. Make sure your provider is transparent.

5. Local market knowledge: We all know how critical final-mile delivery is. Selecting the best drayage partner involves their ability to understand the local market and its resources.

6. Go with a specialist: Your shipments may require special features, such as temperate control monitoring. Ensure you work with a provider that understands your specific needs.

Ultimately, working with the best drayage partner is going to elevate your ability to deliver on time while keeping your internal costs in check. Level up your drayage shipment game with Opus9. Get a no-obligation freight quote from our team today!


Dec 1 | Posted by Opus9

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