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Opus9 Improves Real-time Rate Quoting Algorithms with SONAR

Opus9 has integrated with FreightWaves SONAR to improve Opus9’s Rating Algorithm that provides accurate, real-time truck load rates for shippers

freight rates-1Opus9, a leading digital freight broker that enables shippers to efficiently centralize and manage carrier quotes, make bookings and track freight movements, today announces that it has integrated its freight booking platform with FreightWaves SONAR. Using SONAR data will expedite and improve the accuracy of the freight rate quotes that Opus9 delivers to shippers.

With FreightWaves SONAR, Opus9 has enhanced its pricing algorithm using SONAR’s accurate truckload rates whenever a shipper requests a quote on the Opus9 system. SONAR’s freight decision and freight forecasting engine enables Opus9 to provide real-time truckload freight rates that are aligned to the market forces impacting various shipping lanes.

As Opus9 strives to provide advanced digital brokerage services with the most current rates, using FreightWaves SONAR data sets will ensure shippers using Opus9 that they are getting the best, most current rates available for their lanes.

“As a result of increases in ecommerce due to Covid related shutdowns, the industry struggles to keep up with huge increases in outbound volumes and carrier scarcities. This makes it more important than ever before for shippers to understand the capacity of the market, to get the right truck, at the right rate. By working with FreightWaves SONAR, Opus9 improves its rating algorithm so we can give shippers spot market trucking rates with better understanding of the market forces impacting those rates,” said Bill Peterson, President and CEO of Opus9. “FreightWaves SONAR allows us to provide our users with competitive rates even in these times of tight capacity. We are excited to work with FreightWaves SONAR and provide the rates and forecasting that shippers require.”

Prior to the FreightWaves SONAR integration, Opus9 has been using proprietary, DAT, and Truckstop.com data in our rating algorithm. With the inclusion of Sonar data, we have more information and points of view as to where rates are and where they are going.

The concept of demand, supply, and price that is available from FreightWaves SONAR pricing data, improves Opus9 ability to give timely, competitive rates in any lane. This will help Opus9 to better meet the shipper requirements from carriers including price, service, and technology support. If the technology does not live up to the needs of the shipping community, the technology will not be around for long.

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Opus9 is a digital freight broker that offers an innovative way for shippers to book required carriers and manage frequently used lanes. Opus9’s web-based platform makes it easy for continental US shippers to obtain carrier quotes, book a truck, and track their shipment in real-time. By linking transportation with technology and shippers with carriers, OPUS9 improves logistics efficiency from pricing to delivery. Learn more or sign up for free at www.opus9.com.

Oct 21 | Posted by Michelle Gaubert

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