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Fast Facts: The Logistics Of Roses


The sweet smell of love is in the air and with it is the excitement of celebrating Valentine’s Day with loved ones. Valentine’s Day is incomplete without one specific item: Roses.

But where do they come from? How do they end up in a neat and beautiful bouquet? Are roses as fresh as they seem? Here are some interesting facts behind that beautiful red rose bouquet that will find itself in the hands of your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

  • Roses are one of the most delicate flowers and hence they’re harvested by hand.
  • Stemmed flowers are cut and kept in a 35-degree F room to keep them dormant.
  • Most of the flowers are grown in Latin America and take around 24 hours to come from the farms to Miami. Columbia is the largest exporter of fresh-cut flowers.
  • Miami is the central hub for all rose imports and sees around 80% of all imports during Valentine’s day.
  • After clearing customs, the roses are stored in a warehouse where the temperature is at 35 degrees.
Feb 14 | Posted by Opus9