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Opus9 Launches Drayage


Opus9 Drayage Announcement

Drayage is a billion-dollar industry marked with distinct challenges. From an overall lack of capacity or transparency into pricing, companies are plagued with many inefficiencies as they look to move their containers.

Today, we are launching Drayage as an additional component to our platform to seek to address these challenges.

Opus9 provides a one-stop shop for transportation needs including full truckload, LTL, and now drayage. The company gets shippers more involved in import and export, as well as freight forwarders, to carriers in real-time through their instant booking process.

With a mix of AI, proprietary algorithms & BI, Opus9 is seeking to make deliveries from port to warehouse more efficient.

First, our product will provide customers with instant drayage quotes. This will remove the hassle of having to negotiate rates and will save time for the shipper. Second, we offer an easy-to-use booking process. With this, when a shipper likes the quote they see, they can quickly book in a few clicks. And last, Drayage offers smart matching with carriers. This will allow for greater efficiency and seek to effectively address capacity issues at our country’s busiest ports.

We will begin by offering Drayage in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Garden City, Savannah, Kearny and Elizabeth, with more to come.

Jun 27 | Posted by Opus9

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