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Opus9 builds its digital freight brokerage platform with Bill Peterson, as President and CEO

B Peterson 3eDriving the reorganization of the Opus9 digital freight brokerage platform, a part of CyberLogitec America, is Bill Peterson as President and CEO. Bill is tasked with reinvigorating Opus9’s innovation and growth. With proven experience in leading businesses to success, Bill confronts change management head on with a disciplined and structured methodology that creates beneficial change.

Since Bill took on Opus9 earlier this year, the team has been focused on improving the Opus9’s rate quoting algorithms through partnerships that ensure shippers get the most accurate, current rates for their specified lanes. In addition, under his guidance and
leadership, Opus9 sales and support has taken on a concierge-like approach that helps shippers get on time pick up and delivery of their shipments that have been booked on the Opus9 platform.

Bill continues to also lead CyberLogitec America as its  Managing Director supporting logistics freight forwarders and regional terminal operators with CyberLogitec solutions, services and support.

Prior to CyberLogitec America and Opus9, Bill was the Vice President of Operations at the Pasha Group and the Director, Corporate Development at Ports America.

For more information on Opus9, visit www.opus9.com.

Oct 28 | Posted by Michelle Gaubert

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