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The Impact of Customer Expectations on Trucking

The Holiday season has a huge impact on businesses across the country. Many drivers and operators experience a litany of pressures during times like these.

From trucking fatigue to inventory strain, a lot affects those who transport our holiday gifts and supplies. Here are three of the most pressing effects of rising customer expectations on the trucking industry.

Around-the-clock Ordering Has its Price

As consumers, we all love the immediacy and ease that online outlets like Amazon and eBay provide us. However, this ability to order around-the-clock from e-commerce sites has its price—especially on the trucking industry. Nowadays, services like Amazon Prime and next-day Ground Shipping mean that truckers are driving longer (and earlier in the day) than ever before, delivering a bevy of goods to various drop-off points.

Also, this constant bombardment of orders can represent a bottleneck problem. So, in many cases, the reason why products are back-ordered is that, frankly, there aren’t enough trucking hands to take said products to storage and sorting areas. A bottleneck caused by “ordering overload” can greatly impact customer service ratings and affects products and goods getting to the correct party in time. Ultimately, this is a problem that’s only fixable by bringing more drivers into the industry, or by automating the driving process.

It’s Costly

As the saying goes: Time is money. And, when you’re operating virtually all hours of the day, those costs can add up.As the saying goes: Time is money. And, when you’re operating virtually all hours of the day, those costs can add up.

From fuel expenses forming majority of the costs, along with truck and tire maintenance, accommodation, insurance, meals, licenses and tolls, and even the time spent searching for good loads all add up. The fixed and variable expenses for owner-operators is often difficult to recoup through revenue.

Truckers Are On The Road Longer

The holidays create a sense of urgency and pressure around customers getting their goods and products on time. But, alas, this means the drivers transporting those goods are pushing themselves beyond their thresholds.

Statistically speaking, truckers spend more time on the road, on the days leading up to holidays than they do at any one point during the year. This ‘keep on trucking’ pressure can lead to a host of problems. Drivers are prone to a whole host of health problems such as diabetes to lower-leg circular issues - spending too much time behind the wheel not a good idea.

Even more so, the rates of accidents for truckers around the holidays are usually higher than those found any other time during the year. Keeping drivers on the road longer, just to make sure gifts and supplies are delivered before the holiday, has its consequences.

Opus9 Wishes You A Happy Holiday Season

We, at Opus9, would like to thank all the truckers out there for delivering the holiday spirit and celebrations for all the families out there. We are very grateful for the wonderful, hard-working and dedicated truckers hauling for our demanding economy! Happy Holidays!

Dec 26 | Posted by Opus9

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