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With customer demands on the rise, increasing freight rates and capacity issues that don’t seem to be going away, shippers need to get better at optimizing their shipments, managing their carrier relationships, and being prepared for disruptions - whether it be due to seasonality changes, weather or something else entirely. To meet this new world of demands, transparency, reliability, and efficiency matters even more.

How does Opus9 make a difference?

Opus9 is a digital 3PL for US Shippers, based in California. We are writing the next chapter of the digital shipping economy, and like an orchestra, are bringing order to the chaos. We bring to the market a way for shippers to get instant quotes for their shipping needs, book their freight easily, and track their shipments in real-time, enabling them to move away from manual tasks and focus on value generating activities for their company that genuinely need their insight and skill set.

Our digital brokerage platform focuses on optimizing domestic shipping. We offer truckload (dry van, refrigerated and flatbed trucking) and less-than-truckload shipping services and connect customers and carriers more efficiently. Via our platform, shipping effort is significantly reduced. These efficiencies enable customers to meet the growing expectations of their customers. We also offer a carrier-centric approach to shipping, where a closely-knit network of trusted carriers are given the tools to create better working conditions.

The ultimate goal is to streamline the shipping experience end-to-end, by providing an intuitive platform, which is easy and straightforward to use – ultimately redefining how shipping is done.

Aug 15 | Posted by Trupti Desai


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